Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring is in Full Bloom in San Francisco

On a recent hike, I was asked what comes to mind when I think of spring. I liked this question because it's not something I hadn't really thought about before in any concrete way

As I thought about it, I realized that for me, spring means the change in light and the burst of color from new flowers. 

Springtime flowers in Redfield Alley in Russian Hill

Since starting Urban Hiker SF last summer, I have gained an acute sense of the changes in weather and season. 

During the summer, the bushes and trees burst with fruit exhibiting nature's abundance throughout the city. As fall comes, the rain transforms the brown, dusty hilltops into lush green hideaways. And there are much more subtle shifts too too. There's a changing of the guard for the city's flowers seemingly every few weeks. There's always something new to look at.

Now is a great time to get out for a hike because there is evidence of spring almost everywhere you look. On a recent hike in the Presidio, I saw gorgeous lilies growing wild by the dozen. On hike yesterday in Russian Hill, flowers filled up a tiny garden with color. My 1:30 pm hikes, which usually end with a darkening sky and a cool breeze are now warm and light the whole hike through. 

 Lilies in the Presidio

In spring, the world just seems greener. What comes to mind when you think of spring?