Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 10 Quirkiest San Francisco Houses

Recently we published a slideshow in the SF Chronicle on 10 of San Francisco's Quirkiest Homes. This is the original blogpost that inspired me to reach out to the Chronicle.

San Franciscans are known for being quirky. We've got an entire website dedicated to the topic. We're the city that hosts Bay to Breakers (exhibits A, B, and C), and we flock to Burning Man for Labor Day. We have an bike race on Big Wheels Bikes and a hunky Jesus competition...on the same day! 

 While many of us carry our quirk inside of us, some of us wear it on our bodies, and some choose to express it through our homes. As we scour the city with Urban Hiker SF, we've taken note of some eccentric houses and buildings all over the city. Here's a list of 10 of our favorites:

1. The Bike House - You think you like bikes, but not as much as this guy (or gal).

  • Neighborhood: Laurel Heights
  • Location: Blake Street between Geary Boulevard and Laurel Hill Playground



2. The Jungle House - What can I say, it's wild! 
  • Neighborhood: Noe Valley
  • Location: Church between 22nd and 23rd Streets

Image courtesy of geekstinkbreath on Flickr

3. The Mondrian House - An homage to a Dutchman by the beach

  • Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
  • Location: Great Highway between Rivera and Quintara Streets


4. The Buddha House - This home is a trompe l'oeil. In addition to the Buddha on the garage door, 100% of the 'stones' are painted onto the house.

  • Neighborhood: Castro
  • Location: 17th between Church and Sanchez Streets

5. Old Vedanta Temple 
Not really a house per se, but people from the Vedanta Society do live here. Learn More on the SF City Guides site. 

  • Neighborhood: Cow Hollow
  • Location: The corner of Webster and Filbert Streets

6. The Rainbow House - Because your whole neighborhood should know your stance on gay marriage.

  • Neighborhood: Noe Valley
  • Location: Clipper between Douglass and Diamond

7. The Yoga House - A zen retreat in the shadow of Bernal Hill

  • Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
  • Location: Folsom between Ripley and Stoneman Streets


8. The Addams Family House  - Houses need haircuts too sometimes.

  • Neighborhood: Castro
  • Location: 17th between Church and Sanchez Streets

Image courtesy of Bernalwood

9. The Chalkboard Garage House - God bless these folks. These are surely the most trusting people in all of San Francisco. 
  • Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
  • Location: Mullen Avenue between Montcalm and Franconia Streets

10. The International Orange House - Because because it's a long drive from Bernal Heights to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
  • Location: The corner of Precita and Shotwell