Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goldsworthy 'Gallery' Tour - See Two Great Works Without Stepping Inside a Museum

Recently, I decided to explore a new hiking route in the Presidio. Enchanted by the name Lover's Lane, I started my walk there with the goal in mind to reach Andy Goldsworthy's 'Spire'. If you haven't already visited this work, you can find it here.

Andy Goldsworthy's Spire

I kept to the Lover's Lane path and in doing so, I almost missed the scene below - a snaking line of logs parallel to where I was walking. When I see nature expressed in an unnatural way, I tend to think Goldsworthy, but was this another one of his works? A quick Internet search revealed that this was indeed a Goldsworthy, and it was called "Wood Line".
Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line
According to's website, both "Spire and Wood Line are inspired by the park’s historic forest, planted by the Army beginning in the 1880s and being rejuvenated today. The cypress, pine, and eucalyptus groves have become part of the park’s natural mosaic, where hawks perch and humans find shade. Spire and Wood Line help visitors see the trees with fresh eyes." 

Here's a quick Google Map link on how you can visit the two works yourself. What's great is that you can visit both works while walking mainly on trails.

Can anyone out there name another Goldsworthy work in the city for bonus points? Yes, that's right, it's "Drawn Stone" found at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Like many of his works, if you don't look closely, you'll be sure to miss it.

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